Research Essay Topics

Research essay topics are of various types. One can look for topics on any subject, in any field, and find a research paper topic to write about. But the question is always there – how do you come up with relevant and interesting research ideas?

Posted: September 26th, 2022


Research essay topics are of various types. One can look for topics on any subject, in any field, and find a research paper topic to write about. But the question is always there – how do you come up with relevant and interesting research ideas? Let us try to understand it. Some people prefer writing about things that they know, while others prefer something completely unrelated to their daily lives as a source of inspiration. For example, some students like creating their own theories or liking delving into the research related to specific events or phenomena themselves. 5 sample research essay topics can be;

1. The Future of the Internet

The internet is a global information and communication network connecting billions of knowledge seekers across different countries and regions. It has changed the way we research, communicate with others, do business, shop among other applications. According to statistics, there are over 2 billion people using the internet in 2017. This has led to the development of online businesses through which one can make huge profits. Unfortunately, criminals have also found this as an avenue for committing cyber crimes like fraud and identity theft among others. This implies that while it brings about massive benefits in terms of business and job opportunity accessibility; it also brings dangers such as cyber-terrorism a concern for most governments today due to huge damages caused by hackers particularly from rogue states.

The future of the internet will therefore depend on whether it is managed properly by security agencies to ensure that cyber-crimes are curbed or not. There is also the concern of hackers penetrating government systems which can lead to loss of lives and properties among other damages. This implies that this topic should be given much attention by researchers because its implications are far-reaching in terms of what happens in the real world.


Research Essay Topic 2: The Impact of Technology on Communication Skills

Technology has had an impact on communication skills, particularly those using electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers. These technologies have come up with applications that allow people to communicate even when they are in different geographical locations through instant messaging and chat facilities among others. At some point, technology almost replaced human relations due to its ability to help people connect virtually at any given time. For instance, one can start a conversation with a person located at the other end of the world without ever meeting. This implies that technology has made communication skills more important than ever before in business and educational institutions. The future of these resources will therefore depend on whether it improves or not.

The current generation is exposed to different sources of technologies, which have greatly influenced their capacity to adapt to such environments. For example, young people are used to carrying out video calls using internet applications like Skype among others. On another hand, online platforms such as YouTube have also had a huge influence in terms of how they communicate; this has led to changes in language because many people tend to use phrases from movies on their chats, particularly those from Hollywood movies. This shows that technology has greatly influenced communication skills among today’s youths. The future of this area should be given more research to ensure that it is used correctly or not abused.

The impact of technology on education has also been very tremendous; for instance, online courses have become a popular means of delivering lectures especially among students from remote areas who find it difficult to attend classes at physical universities. This implies that technology has brought about positive changes in the education sector since one can learn from different parts of the world through these applications. This essay topic should therefore be extensively researched because there are many issues associated with such technologies and their use in this environment is an important priority for most educational institutions today.

Research Essay Topic 3: Researcher Ethics

Researcher ethics was given much importance since it brings about trust to clients and other institutions conducting research hence the concern for most governments who have taken steps to ensure that the issue is resolved. In a nutshell, researcher ethics involves a code of conduct that protects both parties involved in doing research from manipulation by the other party. For instance, these codes are meant to guide researchers from taking advantage of their participants, get results that might not be true among others.

Research ethics on the other hand refers to standards put in place to make sure that data used in research is collected or produced fairly and ethically. The main aim of creating ethical guidelines for research is to limit biases and prevent conflicts while ensuring general protection of information being used.

This topic should be researched extensively because it is of great importance to most institutions that conduct research for various purposes. In addition, the impact of researcher ethics on R&D should be evaluated in terms of what benefits and losses are likely to occur to R&D if these codes were not put in place. The future development of R&D will therefore depend on whether it is given more attention or not especially in the academic sector.

Research Essay Topic 4: R&D Funding Model

Many R&D funding models have been developed over time to ensure implementation and improving efficiency; however, these models are still meant for research centers only since they cannot be applied at a personal level. his means that R&D funding models can only be used for R&D projects and not at a personal level.

Funding of R&D is meant to support R&D programs throughout their cycle similar to other basic research activities that are funded by governments among others. The R&D funding model should therefore be extensively researched because it is one of the major determinants in whether R&D will improve or not. It is also important because R&D will not yield expected outcomes if it does not have any finances hence a need to apply this R&D funding model as part of ways of improving R&D programs.  

This essay topic should be extensively examined in terms of what impact it has had on R2R and most importantly its future potentials. This research area could be given more attention in R&D funding models in order to ensure that R&D programs are supported financially and R2R models developed.

Research Essay Topic 5: R&D Management Project

The last topic for research is the R&D management project which entails the establishing of R&D projects within organizations and ensuring that they are managed efficiently. This essay could be extensively researched because it will greatly impact effective R&D management among different institutions. In addition, this topic involves a group of professionals who work together while addressing any challenges associated with R2R management.

The researchers involved in carrying out this project should therefore focus on obtaining information about how RID and R2R are carried out in different universities across the globe only to ensure R&D programs are managed efficiently. This is to help R2R management teams take appropriate measures of steps and procedures followed by R2R managers in different organizations across the globe. RID and R2R project managers work together as a team to ensure R2R projects are being monitored, hence this research topic should be given more responsibility since it is ranked high for most R&D activities hence its impact on other R&D activities

It would also be important to look at the future role that RID and R2R will play in ensuring effective R&D management in various institutions, especially among educational institutions. In addition, one can also gain information from these two fields regarding how successful they have been with R2R management and RID in R&D projects.


We have now seen the five R&D research essay topics in detail that are worth your time and effort. It is therefore upon you to pick one of these topics based on personal interest and area of study among other criteria or decide which R&D topic you would like to be used as a basis for an R&D thesis paper in your degree program. There are many R & D essay examples available online; however, it is essential that sufficient background information about R2R and RID is attained before writing an R & D essay from scratch since incorrect use of terms may lead to failure in R & D projects hence this calls for extensive research before writing. Get yourself a custom essay writing service already!

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