Persuassive Speech

A persuasive speech is one that attempts to convince the audience to adopt or buy into the speaker�s view, opinion or belief in regards to a particular subject or topic.

Posted: September 26th, 2022

How to write a good persuasive speech.

A persuasive speech is one that attempts to convince the audience to adopt or buy into the speaker’s view, opinion or belief in regards to a particular subject or topic. The main purpose of this sort of speech is to get the audience to agree with the speaker. A persuasive speech is similar to a persuasive essay with the difference being that a persuasive speech is read out to an audience. This essay offers a guideline on how to write a good persuasive speech while giving a detailed account of the factors that make a good persuasive essay.

Extensive research on the subject matter is imperative.  A persuasive speech can be classified as precise, significant based, or program based. A precise persuasive speech focuses on the accuracy of a topic thus taking a stand on whether a given topic is true or false. A significance-based persuasive speech examines the values and the morality of the subject matter, thus aiming at convincing the audience on the morality of an issue. A program based persuasive speech majorly works toward convincing the audience to offer their support to a given policy or individual or to deter them from offering their support.

As is the case in academic writing, the writer has to ensure that the speech captures the audience’s attention and that the ideas he/she expresses stick in the audience’s minds. Firstly, the writer must ensure that he/she simply writes the speech, with a clear message throughout the speech. It should have a captivating opening where the topic is introduced and elaborated throughout the speech. Towards the end, a good persuasive speech should summarize the writer’s views on the topic to ensures that the audience stays with the speaker from the beginning, through the middle till the end.

Secondly, the writer must bear in mind the audience to which the persuasive speech will target. With this in mind, the writer has conducted adequate research on the prospective audience already knowing what new information they might need, as well as their current stand on an issue. Moreover, considering the age of the audience, it is essential to use the right terminology in the speech. For instance, when writing a speech where the audience is young, the writer must incorporate simple words and keep the speech short to capture their attention. 

Lastly, it is advisable for the writer to incorporate the use of interesting terms and language that paints a mental image in the minds of the audience. Also, the use of rhetorical questions in the speech is vital as it assists in sustaining the audience’s attention and participation. Using language that appeals to the audience’s emotions also goes a long way in winning the audience. 

In conclusion, no matter the kind of persuasive speech, the intended result is the same. As such, an academic writer has to research the topic and audience. Also, the message throughout the essay or speech has to be clear to capture and sustain the audience’s attention. Implementing these key factors will ensure a persuasive speech is well-graded and attains all key elements of a professionally written speech essay. Feel free to get your Speech essay at the best custom essay writing service.



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