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Assignment writing and doing your own research can sometimes lead to plagiarizing other people’s work or using unethical methods in order to achieve academic success.

Posted: September 26th, 2022


This blog post will give you tips on how to write an ethical paper. Assignment writing and doing your own research can sometimes lead to plagiarizing other people’s work or using unethical methods in order to achieve academic success. This is not good for your reputation as a student and someone who wants to make a difference in the world. However, this article provides guidelines that we hope you follow when making decisions about your assignments.

What do I need?

In order to write ethical papers there are some things that you should have:

– Your assignment brief/topic sheet

– Assignment instructions (i.e.: assessment criteria)

– Assignment schedule (i.e.: due date, milestones)

– Assignment rubric (i.e.: how you will be assessed)

– Assignment topic/research questions (detailed enough to enable you to write and narrow down your research area)

– Research skills (such as searching online for information using search engines such as Google and scholarly databases like JSTOR 

What do I need to achieve?

There are two main things that we think you should try to achieve when writing an assignment:

1. Include in-text citations – this means that within the body of your paper, where you mention someone else’s ideas, opinions, theories, facts etc., put the reference in brackets after the sentence or phrase.

2. For each assignment – including the coursework assignments – you should have a bibliography at the end of your paper. The bibliography is basically a list of all of the sources that you used in order to write your paper, including books, journal articles, newspaper articles, and online articles where the information came from (use full Web addresses).

How do I achieve this?

1. Reference every time you use someone else’s work and ideas within your own writing.

a) If it’s not already being done for you on Assignmentbank: make sure that you set up your citations correctly using APA 6th edition referencing!

b) Make sure that if there is more than one reference then they are in alphabetical order!

2. Include a bibliography at the end of your assignment which includes all of the references you have used throughout your paper as well as any other resources that you feel may be relevant to others reading your work.

The writing process: How To Write Ethical Papers.

There are some stages involved in writing an ethical paper but ultimately they come down to the following:

– Assignment Paper Writing. This is where you get to play around with ideas, fill a gap in your knowledge and then write it all down. Remember you can use Assignmentbank for some references and search online for others OR you can even go into the library’s archives if you want to try to find something specific from an old book or journal; looking at the date of publication and knowing how old or new something is can help you to decide whether or not it might be appropriate for your Assignment.

– Assignment Editing. This is where you go over your paper, check that all of your citations are in the right format, check any facts that you have used in; make sure they are accurate and up to date, etc. Assignmentbank has a really helpful Referencing Guide that shows you exactly which reference guide to use so we advise using this as a tool when editing your Assignment. After going through Assignmentbank’s referencing guide once then try re-reading it making notes beside each section as to why and how these rules will actually impact on what you write about.

– Assignment Revision. Here you are going to be looking at what you have written so far and making sure that it makes sense. You should now ensure that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes in your work as they will instantly make your paper look unprofessional (unless of course, this is part of the artistic style that you are aiming for);

Assignment Submission/Feedback. This is the stage where you submit your Assignment to Assignmentbank and/or hand it in for a teacher’s feedback. They will then mark your Assignment and give you some form of feedback on it;

Assignment Editing/Revision. This is where you go back to Assignmentbank or your own Assignment file, take a good look at what feedback has been given by an external source, make any necessary changes, reread them and then submit the Assignment again (or hand it in).


It is important to know that not all papers are ethical. In order for your paper to be considered as such, it must follow the guidelines set by professional writing services and organizations like 9paragraphs These standards include avoiding plagiarism, providing citations of referenced sources where applicable, and maintaining originality in content among other things. If you want help with this process or have questions about any of these points, don’t hesitate to reach out! Our team members would be happy to provide assistance in making sure your work meets the necessary criteria for being deemed a good quality paper that follows academic integrity best practices.

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