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Most student seek assignment help because they are late on submission, procrastinated for a long time or don’t feel they are up to task. This is where cheap writing services might come in handy as an option.

Posted: September 26th, 2022


Most student seek assignment help because they are late on submission, procrastinated for a long time or don’t feel they are up to task. This is where cheap writing services comes in handy as an option. However, if they aren’t, understanding the prerequisite tools needed for writing perfect essays are important. Below are some of the most important tools used by most professionals and even the best assignment writing services.


Turnitin checks for plagiarism in sample essays and is of incredible help to most professional writers and students. When you send a paper, the service checks it against its massive database of student papers, books, articles, online essays and so on. It’s integrated in most online learning platforms, universities and is incredibly beneficial at ensuring that students only submit original work.

Turnitin offers a perfect way of checking your work for plagiarism as a student. In most cases, as a student, it’s incredibly hard to determine whether a written paper is plagiarized. In certain situations, this is increased by the fact that most students get to write articles after procrastinating for a long time. Turnitin possess great value because it helps students ensure that their papers and quotes in them are free of plagiarism.  When an essay is passed in turnitin, the results come back with highlighted areas where plagiarized material is situated and its sources. Additionally, it also grades the papers amount of plagiarism.


Grammarly is a grammar checker use for checking grammatical errors in essays. The tool is highly effective and will single-handedly revolutionize the way you write.  The editor checks a paper against 250 pre-existing grammatical rules. It then suggests how to configure and did the mistakes whether they are contextual or sensible.  The editor is available both online, exists as a plugin in chrome and can be integrated with word to look for grammatical errors as you write. Additionally, when integrated in a browser, it offers grammatical checking in all text boxes, or at least most of them.  It is very rewarding to check your work against grammar before handing it in.

Cite this for me

There are a lot of citation websites that exists but none of them offer the ease of functionality offered by cite this for me. What’s more, it generates citations through sourcing them by keywords, that way it’s easy to find the citation one is looking for. It also offers a great many citation styles to pick from whether it’s MLA, Chicago/turban, APA or Harvard. Most of your citation style needs will be met, either by looking for journals, books, and websites and so on. Once a material is searched, it offers the information in the desired form. One should make sure it’s the desired form. It also offers in text citations, something mission from most websites.

Paper rater

Turnitin and grammarly all offer great value proposition for plagiarism and grammar checking. However they come at a cost and there are some universities that don’t offer them readily to their students. In this case, Paper rater comes in handy. It checks for plagiarism against the billions of pages online for original content. All one has to do is paste the paper in the box and submit. Additionally, it will highlight the plagiarized sections and recommend where citation is required. There is a paid tier and if you subscribe to it, you’ll be able to check through better databases and more scholarly material. The free tier only scours the internet in google and yahoo.

In conclusion, to write a perfect paper, a student needs top of the line services that warrant a perfect essay. The most important things needed include grammar checking, plagiarism and also citations. Turnitin and paper rater all fit the plagiarism bill as they check on the papers authenticity against other academic papers and essays on google. Cite this for me sources for citations effectively while grammarly checks for grammar offering better options for vocabulary.

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